When it Comes to Financial Wellness, it’s All About the Coaching

| by Douglas Stalter

Strategies that seek to reduce employee stress by helping them plan for the future

When thinking about retirement, many dream of lazy days, enjoying their favorite hobbies, spending time with loved ones and traveling. Then reality sets in, and it leaves many worrying if they’re saving enough to live the life they imagine after they’re done working.

In fact, nearly half (44%) of retirees say they don’t have enough money to sustain their chosen lifestyle, according to the Schroders 2024 U.S. Retirement Survey.

Approaching retirement should be fun and exciting, but many times it ends up causing enough stress to make the workday less productive. That’s where Oswald Financial’s money coaches come in.

We work with individual employees in an effort to ensure they are saving enough money to live their desired lifestyle in retirement.

Baby boomers, ages 60-69, are either already retired or are approaching retirement. Gen X, ages 44-59, can see retirement on the horizon. Both generations are being inundated with information on how to invest – stock market, annuities, gold, guaranteed income, etc.

Oswald Financial’s money coaches use a three-pronged approach to help them sift through all the information and to help them ignore the scare tactics aimed at drawing people to the latest retirement scheme.

  • We listen to each individual to learn what they want in retirement, and couple it with needs such as bills and projected health care costs.
  • Then we take a deep dive into their finances to determine how well they’ve saved and what comes next. Some might just need to adjust how they’re investing.
  • As experienced financial advisors, we provide a tailored plan to help each person work towards reaching their goals.

Who uses a money coach?

Myth: People can only work with a money coach if they have a certain income level.

Reality: Anyone can seek the advice of a money coach. There is no minimum or maximum level of wealth.

Myth: A money coach will only lead clients to services and products they do not need.

Reality: Money coaches are experienced financial advisors. They are not attached to any specific program and will search for the products that best suit the needs of each individual client.

Myth: Employees already have their own financial advisors, so the company doesn’t need to provide it as a benefit.

Reality: Only 22% of employees worked with a financial advisor in the last three years, according to a 2023 study by PNC Bank.

Providing access to a money coach can help employers recruit and retain employees. According to the PNC study, 80% said they would remain with an organization longer if it provided financial wellness programs.

Contact me to learn more about how Oswald’s money coaches can help your employees plan for retirement, while living and working with confidence today.

Douglas Stalter, CPFA, QKA
Retirement Plan Consultant
Oswald Financial, Inc.


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