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Invest for your future with our new online platform that combines the benefits of a personal financial advisor with sophisticated technology.

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Oswald offers comprehensive services for individual investors through Oswald Financial Wealth Management.  We recognize that managing significant wealth can be complex, time-consuming and overwhelming. We will help you identify your goals and evaluate where you currently stand. You will receive assistance in making changes to align your goals with your current state, and continue to monitor your financial situation to keep you on track.

At Oswald, we host regular in-person and virtual meetings, allowing us to keep you on target in meeting your objective. We have a wide array of services centered around the individual.


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Do you know the importance of knowing your risk tolerance? Do you know if your investment allocation will allow you to meet your goals? 

We can pinpoint your individual risk number, which represents your acceptable level of risk. We fine-tune it until your risk profile looks exactly like you. Then we can take a look at your investments to make sure they are well-aligned with your risk number, analyze your risk/reward profile and put your portfolio through a stress test by simulating market conditions to see how it holds up.

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