Fiduciary Services

As a fiduciary, you are liable for your company’s retirement plan. Through Oswald Financial’s fiduciary program, we can help you as you seek to enhance your plan’s investment opportunities while mitigating your liability and helping your participants feel confident about their future. These services are provided under an advisory relationship, and Oswald will stand with you as a co-fiduciary on the plan.

Our fiduciary services include:

  • Preparation and Monitoring of Investment Policy Statement.
    Oswald Representative(s) will assist the Client in the preparation or review of an investment policy statement (“IPS”) for the Plan based upon consultation with Client to ascertain Plan’s investment objectives and constraints.
  • Investment Recommendations.
    Oswald Representative(s) will recommend, for selection by Client, specific investments to be held by the Plan or, in the case of a participant-directed defined contribution plan, offered as investment options under the Plan. Oswald Representative will recommend, for selection by Client, investment replacements if an existing investment is no longer suitable as an investment option.
  • Investment Performance Monitoring.
    Oswald Representative(s) will perform ongoing monitoring of investment manager(s) or investments in accordance with the IPS guidelines. The investment manager(s) or investments will be evaluated according to the established guidelines as may be outlined in the IPS and investment portfolio characteristics, performance of duties, and investment process and philosophy, and ERISA requirements.
  • Selection of Qualified Default Investment Alternative.
    Oswald Representative(s) will assist Client in identifying an investment fund product or model portfolio in connection with the definition of a “Qualified Default Investment Alternative” (“QDIA”) under ERISA.