Employee Education

While Oswald is focused on your corporate retirement plan, your participants’ needs are also very important. As part of the Oswald team, we have an entire practice dedicated to the needs of an individual, including participant education specialists available to your participants at no additional charge. These specialists are able to go above and beyond the services we can provide as your plan advisor. They will provide financial guidance and education to help your participants pursue a retirement ready future and overall financial wellness strategy.

As a sponsor of a retirement plan, it is not only vital to provide your employees with the proper investment vehicles and plan design, but also to provide access to the best educational resources and tools to help them maximize their retirement savings. As your trusted advisor and partner, Oswald stands ready to provide group education and individualized guidance to help your participants on their path to retirement. Our clients are presented with a broad list of education topics from which to build and customize their education program. A wide array of additional topics is available to our Financial Wellness clients in addition. Presentations can be given in-person and via webinar (live or pre-recorded) and the topics can be combined for customized presentations. Supplementary worksheets, meeting announcements, flyers, and posters are provided.

We provide our clients with a clear and concise education communication plan.

Your client manager will work closely with you to develop the service expectations and design a written calendar of scheduled events.